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"With the emergence of more communication channels - most of which are digital - we can already see a clear shift in where brands are focusing their efforts. If you want to be a market leader, it’s crucial to ensure you have a digital-proof brand. Offline branding is often too easily overlooked in the digital-minded world we live in - and more than half of interactions with your brand take place offline, in the physical world."

- Remco Meijer, Senior Advisor Brand Experience, VIM Group

The power of repetition remains key in the world of branding, and that requires both online and offline brand recognition. So it’s essential to ensure an excellent brand experience in the physical world.
But how do you make that a reality? What would be the most effective and successful approach? Follow our 7-step checklist for a strong brand experience in the offline world.
After completing the checklist, you’ll receive an email with your very own offline brand experience profile, accompanied by relevant tips and considerations. These resources will help you take the first steps towards improving your offline brand experience.
Some of the 2,500+ brands we supported with their brand challenges:
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