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Everything you need to know about setting up a successful brand technology ecosystem in one savvy guide.

This guide will help you navigate the increasingly complex world of brand management software solutions such as DAM, educational, collaboration and template management tooling.

Get detailed, step-by-step instructions on selecting, implementing and managing the right tools to help you and your teams build a strong, coherent and digital-proof brand experience across all touchpoints.

Get expert insights on:
  • The latest brand technology trends & developments.
  • How to build a business case for investing in brand management tools.
  • Which steps to follow in your vendor selection process.
  • How to implement and manage your brand technology ecosystem successfully.

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“Effective brand management starts with understanding that it is not a singular process but an entire network of systems and processes. Optimising branding processes requires a brand technology ecosystem where all tools can work seamlessly together.”

- Maarten Evertzen, Head of Digital at VIM Group