Most overlooked rebranding risks:
  • Overusing internal resources during implementation
  • Negatively impacting employee productivity
  • Creating a brand that the organisation cannot sustain
Everything you need to know about protecting your brand from the most overlooked rebranding risks.  

Brand change puts more than just market recognition and customer loyalty on the line. From the risk of overusing your internal resources to disrupting business operations, introducing any change to the brand should be approached carefully, strategically, and with long-term results in mind.  

This guide provides insights from three decades and thousands of rebrand projects on how to navigate the riskiest parts of brand change – and how you can come out on top.  

Get expert tips from our brand change experts on:
  • Financial planning for your planned brand change
  • Effectively communicating brand change internally and externally
  • Protecting your brand through the different phases of the rebranding process

Portrait picture in circle - Marc Cloosterman

“The risks to brand equity and brand value often stem from overlooked risks and fail factors in the execution plan. That’s why the how of the rebrand should be paid as much attention as the why and the what."
Marc Cloosterman, CEO at VIM Group

Some of the 2,500+ brands we've supported with mitigating rebranding risks:
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“Rebrands are powerful, but there are so many variables and factors to consider. That’s what this comprehensive guide is for: to prepare you for the variables that can lead your brand change plans astray.”
Laurens Hoekstra, CCO at VIM Group


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